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When a One-Armed Man Knocked Out a Kickboxer

When a One-Armed Man Knocked Out a KickboxerWhen a One-Armed Man Knocked Out a KickboxerThe story of Baxter Humby will inspire you to realize that you can never say never again.Speaking of excuses, there are a lot of reasons why you might not want to be a kickboxer.You could be timid, you could not enjoy fighting, you might prefer kung fu, and so on.But lets take one really obvious reason why you cant be a good kickboxerYou only have one arm.You know, its great to have dreams in life, but, hey, you also need to be realistic.Because half of kickboxing is boxing, sometimes you have to realize that you actually cant do it that its better to lower your expectations so that you dont get your hopes up and wind up disappointed.Sometimes, when your fantasies are unrealistic, you need to be reasonable. You need to be prudent. You need to let your dreams?- ?lets admit it, they were crazy dreams?- ?pass on by, so that you can grow up and be an adult and be responsible.Like, for example, if you wanted to be a kickboxer, but, during a difficult childbirth, your right arm had been entangled with your umbilical cord and been amputated below the elbow.And that left you with just one hand.Then, you know, its pretty obvious that you well you just cant be a kickboxer, yknow?And maybe its even really disappointing to you because that was your crazy goal in life, and you were willing to do anything?- ?work any gym, run any number of miles on the back roads of Winnipeg, jump as much rope as your father would turn for you?- ?you were willing to do anything to be who you wanted to be.But its important that you trim your dreams in life to match your abilities.So lets just face it and talk straightIf you only have one arm, you cant be a kickboxer Thats so obvious that I cant believe I have to keep on telling you thisYou. Cant. Be. A. KickboxerThat is, unless youre Baxter Humby, and you think all of those excuses are just a bunch of bummer that other people are trying to push on you and you dont care that you only have one arm because you were born, and you breathe, and you beat, not just the opponent, but every excuse we ever tried to weigh down on youBaxter is the star of the not-famous-enough YouTube Video One Armed Man Knocks Out A Kickboxer. It is one of my favorite YouTube videos of all time.The bell rings and Baxter, six feet tall and all three limbs of him, dances to the center of the ring against his fully-limbed opponent. His stub of a right arm, as regulations require, is sheathed in a boxing glove.The pair circle each other, trading jabs. A few early kicks miss the opponent as the fighters feel each other out.And then, forty-two seconds into the first round, Baxter strikes. A left kick knocks his opponent senseless, and.downhegoes. For the count.You know, in some ways, its a totally unfair fight.Sure, the other guys got more hands, but Baxters got more heart.Guess who wins in life?Im generally skeptical of the sports champion overcomes adversity schoo l of inspiration. I can somehow never quite landsee how it should inspire me that somebody in much, much better shape than me did something physically improbable. I mean, thats why theyre in better shape, right?Perhaps you feel the same.But when Kickboxing Champion of the World oh, I guess I forgot to mention that our Baxter Humby is world champion in his kickboxing weight class, didnt I?Well, when the Kickboxing Champion is a guy who has only one arm, I find it inspiring in the sense that Ive never, ever had as good a reason to fail or quit or give up as Baxter had. Or, for that matter, had a dream as unlikely given the circumstances.And the best thing about Baxter, then, is that he inspires you to realize that you can never, ever say never again.Im rooting for you.

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5 healthy habits to adopt at work

5 healthy habits to adopt at work5 healthy habits to adopt at work0In todays world, its the norm to stay chained to your desk for the majority of the day. Unfortunately, although youre working hard, mora desk time and increasingly sedentary lifestyles are causing an increase in major health issues, including type 2 diabetes. In fact, according to research published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, around a third of British adults spend more than six hours sitting down each day Our experts zu siche atYCBare on hand to offer their tips for healthy habits you can adopt for those long days at work.1. Re-think your Meal DealMost of us opt for a meal deal at some point during the week. After all, theyre quick, easy and cost-effective- so why wouldnt you However, not all meal deals are created equal and making healthier swaps is a simple way to implement a healthier lunch habit at work. Londons leading nutritionistLily Souttershares what she would choose from the (iconic ) Boots meal deal.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreFor theMain,I would go for the Deli Egg Avocado, this is a good source of vegetarian protein (22g) and even fiber (8g). It can be hard to find grab and go sandwiches which contain adequate amounts of these two macronutrients. This sandwich is also low in saturated fat, yet the avocado provides a good dose of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.For thesnackpart of the meal deal, I would chooseQuinoa waves, per portion these quinoa waves are in lower calories in comparison to regular crisps.Drinkwise,I would choose theMulti Vit Apple Elderflower, extremely low in calories with only 5 kcal and 0.1g sugar per serving this drink choice would be a good option in comparison to high sugar beverages and can play a positive role on dental health but also our waistline.Lilycontinues,This is meal deal is definitely my top choice. The comb o provides a moderate amount of calories 460 kcal, a good dose of protein 22.8g as well as fiber 8.32g and lastly a low sugar 3.6g and salt 1.6g content. Both protein and especially fibre promotes satiety, decreases hunger and thus helps provide a feeling of fullness. Both these aspects are key role in portion control and keeping energy stable all afternoon long.2. Ditch the threat of DiabetesAs we now know, sitting for long periods of time can have such a detrimental effect on your health and wellbeing. Dr Sarah Brewer, working in association with the type 2 diabetes supplementCuraLinoffers her advice to minimize your risk of obtaining the lifestyle disease.If you work in an office, theres a good chance you spend a large part of your day seated at a desk. Sitting for long periods of time during the day is linked with an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, and premature death.Stand and walk around at least every 20 to 30 minutes. Build regul ar exercise into every day for example, walking to and from work, or at least part of the way. Stand as much as possible there is a growing trend for standing desks, for example, and for walking meetingsAs well as this, avoid temptation of cakes and biscuits by taking in healthy snacks fruit, hummus and carrots, for example.It is important to drink plenty of water throughout the day to maintain hydration. Ultimately, you should walk as much as possible walk to a local park to eat your healthy packed lunch, brisk walking for at least 30 minutes (and preferably an hour) on most days is ideal.Top tipif youre already suffering from type 2 diabetes, haveCuraLinat your desk for an extra boost. CuraLin(59.00, is a nutritional supplement made from a mixture of eleven natural ingredients, which are derived from Ayurvedic medicine that work with the body to help balance the blood sugar levels of those suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.3. Give yourself a natural energy boostIt s one thing to advise us to avoid sitting all day and move around more, but when were fatigued and stressed, it can be really difficult to find the motivation Juggling commuting, working, household chores, seeing friends and family, and trying to squeeze in some me time can take its toll on your health. Your hectic daily schedule could mean that your wellbeing takes a back seat, leaving you feeling zapped of energy and struggling to focus on simple tasks.Thankfullysensecan help Offering smart nutrition for vergammeln living,sense for busy livesis a natural food supplement that provides a targeted multivitamin boost helping you to get the daily nutrients you need.sense for busy livessupports many areas of modern life energy, stress, detox, mental performance and digestion with organic botanicals in each serving.Accredited Nutritionist MSc/BScatsenseDimitra Sentelidou explains,Active ingredients range from the antioxidant-rich acai berry to beetroot, which is associated with boosting exercise performance, to guarana providing a natural way of getting your caffeine hit.sense for Busy Livesis a targeted multivitamin that provides youwith essential daily nutrients, to help you feel less overwhelmed and ready to face the challenges of keeping up with lifes demands.4. Have a workout buddySometimes the thought of spending your precious lunch break at the gym is enough to put you off for life. Sadly, with office culture being so immobile, squeezing in a lunchtime workout can really boost your health.Grab your colleague and go to a fitness class on your lunch break- having a work out buddy or a fitness class that you love, so that exercising isnt thought of as a chore. Exercising on your own, whether its working out in the gym or going for a run, can be a joyless experience. But exercising with others in a class can be motivating and much more fun, especially if theres great music too,recommends Nutritionist and Fitness Instructor Cassandra Barns.5. Make lists and prio ritizeTaking care of your mental health at work is also is crucial for your health and wellbeing. It might sound obvious to make lists, but your mind can be going at a 1000000 miles an hour whilst youre at work with so many things to do and writing things down can really help.This article first appeared on Coffee Break.You might also enjoyNew neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happyStrangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds10 lessons from Benjamin Franklins daily schedule that will double your productivityThe worst mistakes you can make in an interview, according to 12 CEOs10 habits of mentally strong people

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5 Networking Conversation Topics to Avoid - The Muse

5 Networking Conversation Topics to Avoid - The Muse5 Networking Conversation Topics to AvoidIt always feels good when you actually feel comfortable at a networking fest. Rather than standing around awkwardly and pretending to receive urgent emails on your phone (What? The office blew up? Sky high Well I never I have to go right now), youre mixing and youre mingling and youre handing business cards to people with the same enthusiasm you usually reserve for drop your business card here to win a free lunch buckets.And then you say something awkward. Or stupid. Or worse, straight-up offensive. Suddenly the vibe goes from fun n friendly to back away slowly. I know, because Ive been there- on both sides of a networking conversation gone wrong. Now, instead of being remembered for a project youve discussed, or insight on recent industry news, youre now known as the rolle who made everyone feel uncomfortable.So, how do you avoid this in the future? A good first step is to stay far, far away from ansicht topics1. Politics and Current EventsLook, I enjoy debating politics as much as the next person who loves getting outraged on Twitter. But, you truly never know where people stand on issues, and a professional event is leid the place to find out. So many political issues and current events are so personal to people that its unlikely youll get through last nights Jon Stewart bit without offending someone. If the conversation starts to veer into that territory, and you know you often get heated over certain topics (or, like me, make exaggerated faces when disagreeing with someone), excuse yourself politely. Say you need to get a glass of water, or find an outlet to charge your phone, or use the restroom. Just remove yourself from the situation before you blurt anything out that youll regret. 2. Details About Your Personal LifeOften times, when networking conversation veers into the personal, dating, significant others, and single life does come up. Im not suggesting that you clam up and shuffle away if someone asks if youre in a relationship- thats (obviously) weird. But I am saying that you should be careful to keep the chit-chat on the safe-for-work side of things. That means refraining from pulling out your phone to show off a perverted Tinder message you received. Or complaining about this weird thing your significant other tried to do the other night. Basically, anything that could be filed under oversharing.There will always be those people who feel very (very) comfortable talking about these topics- and you should let them talk. If nothing else, its usually entertaining. However, you want to be remembered as the professional, upstanding person you are, and the best way to do that is to keep your personal life personal. 3. Work ComplaintsEven if you love your job, youre going to have those days when you leave the office feeling a little negative. Thats totally OK. Whats not as OK is showing up and venting about work to total strangers. While p eople will most definitely get where youre coming from- again, everyone has those days- no one wants to listen to it. One, its boring to hear about a strangers problems with the shared office printer. Two, youre there to extend your professional network, which means putting your best foot forward and presenting yourself as a person whos worth getting to know. And- spoiler alert- the person ranting about a conference room mix-up is not in that category. (Imagine how a future introduction would go Hey Karen, meet Jim. He, um, hates the way his office assigns conference rooms. Also I think he has a thing about printers.)So, if you find yourself in one of those moods before a networking event, take a moment for yourself after leaving the office. Inhale deeply a few times, scroll through social media, text your friend who always makes you laugh, go on a walk- basically, do whatever you need to do to enter the venue in a positive mood. 4. Things You Find StupidYou hate cats with a burning passion. In fact, you think theyve single-handedly ruined the internet. And you know what? Thats a great discussion topic for a dinner party with your friends. Or, better yet (for your poor friends), your Facebook status. Its not, however, appropriate to bring up when youre networking. Because, heres the thing What you may find stupid, someone else may love. And by putting it out there that you think somethings trivial or wrong or OMG, the worst, youre taking the risk of offending someone- even if youre only kidding. Trust me on this one Saying Cmon, it was only a joke never works.Its better to avoid your jokes and complaints and instead bring up subjects that you can discuss positively. The more enthusiastic you are about something, the more likely you are to engage with other people and attract their attention. Even if theyre arent as obsessed as you are about the topic, theyre going to want to learn more about why it makes you so excited. 5. How Drunk You AreOften times, youll g o to networking events where the alcohols free-flowing. And thats great- I think we can all agree that open bars make talking to strangers so much easier. But it also makes the evening a lot more dangerous, because its incredibly easy to go from Im just having one drink to Excuse me bartender, do you have anything harder than wine? While you should most definitely refrain from drinking too much, you should also refrain from ever announcing the status of your sobriety. This isnt college, and no ones impressed by the person who is soooo drunk right now. The second you find yourself even thinking this, its time to excuse yourself from the event and go home. Best way to avoid having to leave early? Dont get drunk. Only you know your limits, so only you can be the person to say no, thank you when someone asks if you want a refill.Contrary to popular belief, networking can be a lot of fun. It doesnt have to be an uptight and formal affair where youre forced to talk about how exciting syne rgy is and why upcoming strategic opportunities at your company bode well. However, casual conversation can be a slippery slope, and its easiest to avoid saying the wrong thing by simply avoiding certain topics. Instead keep it positive, fun, light, and ideally, unrelated to your ex. Photo of bad networker courtesy of Shutterstock.

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6 Keys to Workplace Happiness for Finance Workers

6 Keys to Workplace Happiness for Finance Workers6 Keys to Workplace Happiness for Finance WorkersThe numbers dont look so good when it comes to accounting and finance workers level of happiness, according to a new Robert Half report, The Secrets of the Happiest Companies and Employees.Research for the report, which focuses on eight professional fields, found that employees in finance, accounting and financial services were among those least happy on the job. They were also the ones with the lowest level of interest in their work.Does this mean accounting and finance professionals are doomed to live without job satisfaction? Far from it. But if the shoe fits for you, it may mean taking career happiness into your own hands. Here are six steps you could take if workplace happiness seems about as impossible as zero-calorie doughnuts or a perfect score on the CPA exam1. Scrutinize the reasons youre bedrngnis happyYou analyze a lot of datasets, but have you ever evaluated your own happine ss level? Compile a list of whats stopping you from being satisfied in your job. Perhaps youd rather work less with clients and more with big data, or maybe youd like to finally earn that certification and boost your salary. Making a tangible list can help. After all, you cant fix something until you know what the problem is.2. Take a well-deserved breakIn our report, only about 65 percent of respondents working in accounting, finance and financial services reported that they have a healthy work-life balance. Yes, thats a majority, but its near the bottom of the list compared to other professions. Additionally, almost half of those responding to a separate survey said they dont use all their paid time off because theyre afraid of work piling up while theyre away.Not enough play makes for stressed-out accountants. So be sure to use your vacation time to recharge your batteries and come back happier. Ask colleagues to cover for you so youre not overwhelmed when you return. You can pay back the favor later.3. Connect with colleaguesWhen you enjoy the people you work with, heading to the office each morning can be a pleasure, even if youre not 100 percent enamored with your job. Our research finds that people with strong workplace friendships are as much as two and a half times happier than those without.Dont have any work buddies? Then take the initiative to create strong relationships. Ask them to join you for lunch, or get a group together after quitting time. And dont bow out of work-related social functions because youre too tired or too shy. If respondents to our survey are any indication, chances are good that the more you mix and mingle, your level of workplace happiness will increase.4. Be honest with your bossYour manager may never know your workplace happiness has hit the skids if you dont say anything. Do both of you a favor by bringing up this sensitive subject.Before you do, brainstorm some ways you could be happier in your role, keeping in mind that your aim is to create a win-win situation for the company as well as yourself. Then, sit down with your boss to discuss setting career goals and present ideas for greater job satisfaction. For example, if youre a financial analyst who feels ready for a senior-level accountant position, ask whether there will be any openings in the near future and, if so, to keep you in mind.5. Make a career moveIf youre in an unhappy slump because you no longer love your career, it may be time to launch a job search. There are plenty of nontraditional accounting career paths, such as environmental or entertainment accounting, that may align better with your passions. Our happiness study finds that one of the top factors in workplace happiness is interesting and meaningful work.If youre feeling especially bold, you could even relocate and make a fresh start. Do some research to find the city that best suits your needs.6. Take the consulting routeTired of the regular 9-to-5 and lack of autonomy? Cons ider the consulting career path. This career move allows you to work on a project basis, meaning you would have the opportunity to dive head first into an array of projects. As an added bonus, you pick your clients and get to work for different companies - and make new networking contacts - with each engagement, which could add much-needed variety to your accounting career.Kick the accounting blues by taking steps today to amp up your happiness quotient. Job satisfaction is within your control and your reach. Tags

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4 ways to get better at reclaiming ownership of your time

4 ways to get better at reclaiming ownership of your time4 ways to get better at reclaiming ownership of your timeEver since Rep. Maxine Waters proudly declared she wasreclaiming her time, Ive adopted it as a mantra of sorts.Sleeping in an extra five minutes? Reclaiming my time.Continuing to speak when someone attempts to interrupt me? Reclaiming my time.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreTaking mysweettime sipping my grande iced vanilla coffee while I work at Starbucks?Reclaiming my time (and also my space aftertwo Black men were unnecessarily arrestedat the popular coffee chain last year).But taking ownership of your time goes much deeper than that.In a recentMindbodygreeninterview, Lauren Ash, founder ofBlack Girl in Om, a holistic wellness platform for women of color, sharedI set myself up for success by identifying at the top of every daywhat is a priority today. What did I no t get to yesterday? It really allows for ease. So I dont just open up my inbox and respond to people that are trying to demand my time, but Im really taking ownership over my time for me.While I have a pretty consistent morning routine that consists of prayer, journaling, and meditation, I am guilty of checking my inbox as soon as I sit down at my desk and power up my laptop. And I immediately get overwhelmed by all of the inquiries, requests, newsletter subscriptions and reply-all threads where you end up spending more time than youd like trying to figure out exactly whats going on and how/why youre involved.Point is, as soon as I open Gmail, my time is not my own. And if youre anything like most people, youre not alone. So in an effort toreclaim ownership of my time, Im sharing four life hacks to help you do just that.Ask yourself Whos owning this time?Sometimes we can catch ourselves scrolling through Instagram mindlessly because were not asking ourselves an important question Wh o is owning this time?If the answer is Instagram, a Netflix show you dontactuallycare too much about, or something else, then theres room for somere-prioritizationwith your preciousfree time.Sometimes, the answer will have to be my boss or my children or my taxes.But try to find more ways to make that answeryou- maybe that means taking a walk, meditation, or doing something that brings you joy. But dont be too hard on yourself, either- sometimes it feels good to watch 5 episodes ofThe a row, and thats OK, too.Transform your to-do listIn the article, Ash talked about bullet journaling as a way to re-think her to-do list. If youre juggling a lot of responsibilities (say, your day job, your side-hustle, your personal brand and/or running a household), it can help to break up your to-do list into categories. Perhaps a bullet journal is more your speed, or you prefer a more high-tech way of organizing your thoughts and tasks, such as Evernote or ToDoist.I, personally, like to set up my to-do list for the day the evening before. This helps me actuallyownmy sleeping time.The point is to dispose of all the randomness running around in your head before bedtime so you cansleep soundlyand without worrying about the 50 million things you need to do the next day. Your brain will thank you for it.Put your phone on DNDIve always been a fan of Apples Do Not Disturb feature. I set mine 30 minutes before my desired bedtime. Recently, I kicked this up a notch by changing the setting to black out my screen so I dont see notifications during (DND).If youreallywant to block out the world, you can put your phone on airplane mode, but I like to leave it on DND in case of emergency. This hack also works for blocks of time when you need to concentrate on a task.Take this a step further and disable notifications that youdontactually need. Youll be surprised how much less you check your phone when it isnt pinging to get your attention every few minutes.Plus, it forces you to be in tentional about which apps youwantto check rather than absentmindedlyreaching for the phoneevery time a banner pops up on your screen. I bet your friends lol so real comment on your latest tweet can wait while you focus on another priority.Take a nap, seriouslyTodays society will have you thinking you have to spend every waking moment being productive, that your self-worth is measured in how much you can produce. But as Tricia Hersey, founder ofThe Nap Ministry, says, rest is a form of resistance.Listen up You are NOT the Energizer Bunny, so dont let anyone fool you into believing you can keep going and going and going.As self-proclaimed Black feminist, lesbian, poet, mother, and warrior Audre Lorde once said Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.So, have a nap. I promise the work andto-do listwill be waiting for you when you wake up.Take ownership of your time and notice what you need. Promise Even if you just rec laim five minutes a day, youll be better for it.This article originally appeared on Shine- a daily self-care meditation app that feels like a pep talk in your pocket. Join 3 million people who start their weekdays with Shines motivational message. Plus Get support with audio challenges developed by self-care experts. After using Shine, 96% of people saw a decrease in anxiety depression.You might also enjoyNew neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happyStrangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds10 lessons from Benjamin Franklins daily schedule that will double your productivityThe worst mistakes you can make in an interview, according to 12 CEOs10 habits of mentally strong people

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How to Choose Reason for Leaving Job on Resume

How to Choose Reason for Leaving Job on Resume How to Get Started with Reason for Leaving Job on Resume? Much like all work search documents, you should avoid telling any lies while allowing yourself the advantage of the doubt. Whatever you choose to do regarding the info you place on your resume, you must understand youll have to explain it at sometime. Much like any work search document, its important to be honest once you respond. Writing a competitive application document demands a whole lot of effort. however, it surely pays off. The work description for any specific position gives you a clue as to whats important to the employer. There are jobs where you leave as you need toand then there are occasions when you leave because youve got to. While you ought bedrngnis lie on work application, there are specific words that you want to avoid. There was a time every time a proper Resume meant a review of the academic achievements. You may not be, but any possible hiring m anager will feel that. Youve got a personal issue to cope with but you cannot do that unless you quit working. For example, you might say your job changed after you arrived because of a change in direction at the business. It is necessary to go through company specific Resume. There are occasions when resigning from a job might have become the smartest thing you mightve done. Otherwise, quitting might allow it to be close to impossible to locate a new job. When it has to do with leaving work off of your resume, its completely your decision and what you truly feel comfortable with. After all, you cant when youre be job hunting again. You end up canceling gatherings with your family members and friend since you have to stay late on the job. On the work front, when you reveal that you want to change a work simply because your family has shifted or your husband has work in a new place, the recruiter wont ever admire your efforts to stay with your family members. A superb empl oyer will recognize and understand that individuals leave jobs each day for a lot of reasons. There can be thousands of job resume examples offered in the verbunden today but not all them may be utilized as guide. The educated and knowledgeable women also should change jobs to suit the requirements of the family. Some high-stress jobs can result in feeling as if youre completely burnt out. Reason for Leaving Job on Resume Help Browsing for a new role that you are able to see yourself enjoying is a perfectly valid reason behind leaving. There are some very good reasons to wait around for the employer to ask the question. You will need to produce clear and concise reasons for wanting to produce the shift. So, even when reason you need to leave is that you hate your work or dont get with your boss, give a different reason for wanting to leave. What Everybody Dislikes About Reason for Leaving Job on Resume and Why There are a lot of strategies to explain a brief stint when int erviewing. The procedure for getting through different rounds in a work interview can be quite much like solving the Rubix cube. You are going to have the chance to provide a more in-depth explanation for your departure should you advance to the interview practice. The Dos and Donts of Reason for Leaving Job on Resume At exactly the same time, you need to make the most of your odds of getting through the interview stage and beyond. Every situation differs, naturally, but should you consider it carefully, you can nearly always find something which doesnt put either you or the business in a poor light. In order to guard both, continue reading to see whether youve got at least one of the top 10 good reasons to depart from your job. Your job interview response will be different based on the reason why youre leaving. All work experience does not need to be listed if it doesnt deal with the skills required for the career change. Being a real freelance is entirely different in re spect to permanent position. Thus it is vital for any candidate gearing up for his dream job to experience a number of content that are already offered. The Foolproof Reason for Leaving Job on Resume Strategy How you cover the situation on job applications can produce the difference between being called for an interview or getting your application sent to the base of the pile. It is essential to show youve got relevant work experience. Rather concentrate on why the job is not a great fit for you in regard to your abilities and abilities as discussed above. In any case, if you need or will need to be working full time, you might have little option except to seek out employment elsewhere. Top Choices of Reason for Leaving Job on Resume When employers ask you why you made a decision to leave your prior job theyre really just attempting to find a feeling of your loyalty vs flight risk at the very first indication of trouble. Exactly like dating, the company that youre wooing w ants to truly feel special and wanted, not only for the money or perks, but for the total experience. Everybody is working for the money and searching for the top paying jobs. There are normally just a few reasons someone really wishes to leave their job and, surprisingly, money doesnt rank at the peak of the list.

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The Keys to Success as a New Recruiter - Spark Hire

The Keys to Success as a New Recruiter - Spark HireWhen youre new to recruiting, the job may feel overwhelming. The position requires far mora than just finding a potential candidate and submitting their materials to the hiring manager. If youre looking to excel as a recruiter, keep these tips in mindKnow how to network It may sound obvious, but many new recruiters overlook the importance of bolstering their network. You should be networking every day, and shouldnt rely on only one method to do so. Call someone who has an interesting background, reach out on Twitter, or send a glaubenszeugnis on LinkedIn. Strike up a conversation at a cocktail party, and meet friends of friends. Even if you dont have an opening that matches that persons skills and needs at that time, its always good to have a lot of connections to work off of.Get a mentor You can learn a lot just by watching a more veteran recruiter at work. Notice how they talk on the phone or leave voice mails, and find out what ki nds of tricks they use to find the best candidates for an open position. Its often good to have more than one mentor, as no two recruiters work in exactly the same way. If your company doesnt set you up with a mentor when you come on board, do your own research in order to find someone you admire. Many people are more than happy to help coach new recruiters to success.You dont just have to recruit within your area of expertise Some recruiters think that they have to recruit people for jobs with which they are familiar. In reality, quite the opposite is true. Thanks to the Internet, you can do research about any field. Just because you know nothing about engineering, doesnt mean you lack the tools to recruit for this kind of position. With a little understanding and an open mind, its possible to learn about any field. Ask plenty of questions. People who work in that field can often provide you with the insight you need to successfully recruit for that position.Get on the phone Whethe r its out of laziness or fear, some recruiters try to do all of their recruiting strictly online. They rely heavily on social media and shy away from the phone. While this may work for some people, it makes it harder for a new recruiter to be successful right away. Social media is certainly a powerful tool for recruiters, but you cant be afraid to pick up the phone and make a call. Talking to someone on the phone forges a more powerful connection than e-mail or social media alone. Though it may seem intimidating at first, eventually youll get more comfortable and will have no problem making a few calls.Lastly, dont forget to follow up. Far too many people have lost great prospects because they dropped the ball after making the initial contact. If you have to, keep a spreadsheet that reminds you when you need to follow up and with whom. This is a huge part of the job, and its one you have to master in order to be successful.Are you new to recruiting? What have you learned about the f ield so far? If youre a recruiting veteran, how did you get comfortable with your position?